Fall Planning Has Begun!

Fall Planning Has Begun!

Does your site want to have GOTR  this Fall?

Site 3

We are actively planning our Fall 2019 season and our site application is live!

For more information on starting a GOTR site, please visit our locations page and download our Site Guidelines & Information packet to learn about hosting a program. Sites are asked to apply by April 1st to ensure enough time to prepare before the summer begins!

Sites will be accepted on a rolling basis…space is limited so do not delay!

Questions? Contact Nancy Davidson, Program Manager Nancy.Davidson@girlsontherun.org

Spring Site Deadline Extended to Jan.8th

Spring Site Deadline Extended!


We have extended our Spring Site deadline to Jan. 8th to allow for additional sites that are ready to activate GOTR this Spring to be included.

For details on brining GOTR to your site, please visit our locations page and use the SPRING 2019 GOTR Site Info. and Guidelines document to plan your team’s Spring Season!

Inspiring Our Children to Be Healthy

Girls on the Run Greater Richmond is featured in the September 27th issue of Urban Views Weekly highlighting Childhood Obesity and ways that our children can get active and healthy!

Inspiring Our Children to Be Healthy

Full Story published at Urban Views Weekly

Sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy when all the yummy snack foods are so enjoyable. However, when you look at our youth and the rate of obesity, our consumption and the type of foods we eat has to get better. The New England Journal of Medicine states that, “for the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children in America may have shorter life expectancies than their parents, according to a new report, which contends that the rapid rise in childhood obesity, if left unchecked, could shorten life spans by as much as five years.”

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Five Questions to Consider When Signing Your Child Up for an Afterschool Program

Five Questions to Consider When Signing Your Child Up for an Afterschool Program

Over the course of a typical school year there are around 525 hours between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. As an afterschool professional with over ten years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating out-of-school time programs, I’ve seen the afterschool hours spent in many different ways. I’ve seen youth participate in sports, church programs, tutoring and school-based programs and, as the Senior VP of Programming and Evaluation at Girls on the Run International, I’ve seen girls transform through youth development programs.

These 525 precious hours represent tremendous opportunity: opportunity to learn, to connect, to grow and to be active. A recent external study of the Girls on the Run program showed us just how impactful a high-quality afterschool program can be. Once you’ve determined the after school opportunities available to your child this year, here are some questions to consider to help your family take full advantage of this time based on what we learned from the study.

1. Does the program have specific goals – and do those goals match what my child and I hope that they’ll get out of the program? It’s important to understand what you and your child hope to get out of the experience before you begin to explore a program. Look for afterschool programs that have clear goals for participants such as increased physical activity, enhanced life skills, or improvements in academic outcomes.  For example, Girls on the Run offers an opportunity for girls to become more physically active while also developing important life skills like confidence, caring, and connection to others. A program is a good fit when there is overlap between your goals and the goals of the program.

2. Does the program have an intentional structure or curriculum? A high-quality afterschool program will have both goals and a plan in place to ensure that participants reach these goals. In our study we found that girls who participated in Girls on the Run, which has an intentional curriculum, were more likely to learn and use skills such as managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others and intentional decision-making than girls in other activities.

3. Who’s leading the program? There’s no question that trained, supportive adults are critical to the out-of-school time experience. The ideal program will be staffed with adults who are intentional about building relationships with and among program participants, creating an inclusive environment, and focusing on personal improvement. At Girls on the Run, our coach training, small group sizes and low adult-to-child ratios ensure that girls get what they need from program staff.

4. What are program participants working towards? At Girls on the Run we have two culminating activities – a community service project that girls develop over time and implement together, and a celebratory 5K event that girls train for throughout the season. Culminating activities do not have to be elaborate – they just need to give kids something to work toward. In high-quality programming, kids have the opportunity to set goals, apply effort over time and complete something that matters to them.

5. How much fun will my child have? Last, but certainly not least, afterschool programming should be fun! Kids are motivated by fun, and when you find a program that interests your child they’ll be excited to participate. The best way to get a gauge for fun when you’re considering an afterschool program is to visit. Are the kids engaged? Are they smiling when they talk to staff and to one another? Does the program include creative and fun elements? And most importantly – do kids say they are having fun? We hear from our girls all the time that “Girls on the Run is so much fun!”

Whether you have one afterschool program available to you or 10 different options, these are important questions to consider as we move into a new school year. Your child is going to be doing something for 525 hours after the bell rings. Make it count!

Author, Allison Riley, PhD 08/14/2017 GOTRI Remarkable Blog


Longitudinal Study Results are IN!

Longitudinal Study Results are IN!

Girls on the Run matters and truly makes a difference in the lives of young girls!

Life Skills

A recent independent study provides compelling evidence that Girls on the Run is highly effective at driving transformative and lasting change in the lives of third to fifth grade girls. The program’s intentional curriculum places an emphasis on developing competence, confidence, connection, character, caring, and contribution in young girls through lessons that incorporate running and other physical activities. Throughout the course of the ten-week program, girls learn critical life skills including managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others and making intentional decisions. It is the combination of the research-based curriculum, trained coaches and a commitment to serve all girls that sets Girls on the Run apart from other after-school programs.

The independent study was conducted by Maureen R. Weiss, Ph.D, a leading expert on youth development. “Girls on the Run participants scored higher in managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others, and making intentional decisions than participants in organized sport or physical education,” confirms Weiss. “Being able to generalize skills learned in the program to other situations such as at school or at home is a distinguishing feature of Girls on the Run compared to traditional youth sports and school physical education, and suggests that the intentional life skills curriculum and coach-training program can serve as exemplars for other youth programs.”

Online Registration to begin for teams August 1st at 7:00 a.m.

Online Registration to begin for teams August 1st at 7:00 a.m.





The following Fall sites will begin online registration from our website on Tuesday, August 1st at 7:00 a.m.

Rural Point, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Rivers Edge, Spring Run and Fox Elementary Schools

Collegiate will begin mid August with their Activity Quest programs. All other scheduled sites will begin registration according to their own timelines. For a list of confirmed sites, see our programs and registration page. Stay tuned as more continue to be added!

Girls on the Run named MOST INFLUENTIAL in HEALTH & WELLNESS by the NAA

Girls on the Run Program Named MOST INFLUENTIAL in HEALTH & WELLNESS by the NAA

NAA’s Most Influential in Health and Wellness 2017

The inaugural National AfterSchool Association’s Most Influential in Health and Wellness selections and honorable mentions are distinguished for their strong advocacy for and support of health and wellness in afterschool.

Those honored represent individuals and organizations whose service, action and leadership align with and support NAA Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) Standards and affect large numbers of youth, families or afterschool professionals, if not all.

NAA’s Most Influential in Health and Wellness 2017 is proudly sponsored by The Walking Classroom, a nonprofit organization that helps youth get fresh air and exercise while reinforcing academic subjects, health literacy and character values.


MostInf GirlsontheRun

Girls on the Run
Charlotte, North Carolina | girlsontherun.org
Responses provided by Heather Pressley, Vice President of Programming

What is your greatest achievement related to Health and Wellness in afterschool?
“Girls on the Run provides a safe and welcoming space where girls can thrive. Our intentional curriculum effectively integrates life skills learning with physical activity to provide girls with the skills and confidence to navigate their lives with purpose and joy. With a focus on quality program delivery, our formal volunteer training ensures that coaches are fostering positive, supportive relationships in a caring, inclusive climate. While our evaluations show that participants become more active and learn important life skills such as intentional decision-making, managing emotions and helping others, there is no greater achievement than hearing directly from a girl we serve about the impact that our program has had on her life. As Calla, age 8, shared, ‘Because of Girls on the Run, I know I am amazing just the way I am.'”

What do you hope to achieve related to Health and Wellness in afterschool?
“Now, more than ever, we are committed to our vision of a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. As such, we have dedicated significant resources to formally assess and address barriers to participation, to ensure our program is accessible to any girl who wants to participate. We are being purposeful about developing best practices, relationships and resources to support our network of councils as they engage new sites to host our program and expand into underserved communities. It is critically important that girls learn that they are the leaders of their lives with the power and potential to change the world, and we have a deep responsibility to ensure that all girls are given this valuable life-changing opportunity.”



Coach With Us this Fall!

Coach With Us this Fall!

Make a difference in the lives of young girls this fall as a Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond Coach!

Game Changer_Coach

We are looking for our Fall 2017 Girls on the Run Coaches! Applications are currently being accepted!

Each season Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond recruits and selects a dynamic group of coaches to lead each of our teams of 10-20 girls. Coaches are parents, teachers, school administrators, college students and other community members who are committed to developing and celebrating our girls.

GOTR coaches are enthusiastic, dedicated, and positive women and men of all different backgrounds!  Some are athletes and some are not; many have never coached before.  All are committed to empowering girls with valuable life lessons.  Coaches must have availability on weekday afternoons, twice per week over a 12-week fall  season. We are able to take a limited amount of assistant coaches who can commit to 1-day a week for an entire season.


  • Build the girls’ self-esteem and educate and inspire them to live healthy lives.
  • Create a fun and uplifting atmosphere that inspires the girls to enjoy running and the lessons from the program.
  • Get the girls to move their bodies!  Running, skipping, hopping or leaping!
  • Achieve 100% participation rate at season culminating 5k.


  • Twelve-week programs are offered each fall and spring. Coaches can commit to just one season.
  • Practices are twice per week and last 1.5 hours each right after school.
  • A program will consist of  three coaches and 10 – 15 girls.
  • Commitment and consistency are critical to the success of the GOTR program.

To learn more and to apply, click here!

Change Lives and Show your Giving Spirit Today!

change-livesHere at Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond, giving back through community service is an important part of our program.

Our girls embrace a giving spirit by working together to create and implement a community impact project. This fall, our Girls on the Run teams will organize and complete nine community impact projects to make a positive difference in our community.

Together the girls define a need or cause in the community and collaborate to design a plan to help fill a need or support a cause. The girls must listen to each other, discuss ideas and brainstorm ways that they can make a difference together during a practice. It is truly a meaningful exercise to witness the girls working together to identify causes, deliberate and define the project that they will complete together. This is teamwork at its best.

Examples of projects are environmental cleanups, collecting needed supplies and creating cards of encouragement for Veterans, volunteering with the Special Olympics, designing door hangers for cancer patients and cards for those who may struggle over the holiday season. In addition, Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond provides a toy for each girl to contribute to the Toys for Tots drive on the day of their celebratory 5k.

Indeed, what might be a small act can lead to big change. Our hope at Girls on the Run is that each girl uses the skills and confidence she builds while completing her team’s community impact project to inspire even more change in her community—and, ultimately, in the world.

Today, you can join our girls in showing a giving spirit by participating in Giving Tuesday by making a tax-deductible gift to Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond. Your gift will have twice the impact as it makes a difference in the lives of the girls we serve and supports our girls as they make a difference in our community.

Invest in Girls and GOTR Greater Richmond This Giving Tuesday!

Invest in Girls and GOTR Greater Richmond This Giving Tuesday!

Support Greater Richmond and invest in the limitless potential of girls today!

Support Greater Richmond and invest in the limitless potential of girls today!